Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creamsicle Rice Krispie Treats

RIP my dear oven.

My old, run down oven has finally baked it's last cake, roasted it last chicken, and broiled it's last piece of garlic bread.

It didn't go easily.  There were sparks and even a small fire.  But, in the just couldn't hang on.

I'm not going to mourn for that dear oven.  You ask why? I'll tell you why. 

Because this girl got a brand spankin' new one!

I live on a military post.  Having said that, you are all probably at least a little familiar with the government budget issues going on now.  It's rare that we get anything new.  I'm not complaining, as long as what I have works.  But, standard practice around here is to fix it...not replace it.

So, I had to go a couple of days without an oven or a stove top.  The very kind maintenance man that visited us offered to rewire it so that I could at least use the burners on the old one.

 I politely declined.

 You see, when the old oven caught on fire I grabbed my purse, laptop, and a few pictures (they were on the way) and hauled booty out the door.  I'm a little embarrassed over the way I freaked out about it now. My husband, who bravely stood in front of the oven the entire time, said the fire was out before I hit the door.

So...I wanted nothing to do with that oven.  Nothing I tell you. I wouldn't even walk in the kitchen for more than 30 seconds.  I made my coffee the next morning in my dining room.

It's all good now!  My new oven is so sparkly and shiny! It's even self cleaning!!  I can't wait to cook in it!

Here's a little recipe for a kicked up version of rice krispie treats...or rice crispy treats...or rice krispy treats.  Not sure why it's spelled so many different ways but whatever you prefer my friends.

Creamsicle Rice Krispie Treats

3 Tablespoons Butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
1/4 cup yellow cake mix
3-4 drops orange food coloring
1/2 teaspoon orange extract
6 cups Rice Krispie cereal

In a large pan over low heat melt butter and marshmallows.

Remove from heat and stir in cake mix, food coloring, and extract one at a time until well combined.

Spray large bowl with cooking spray; combine cereal and marshmallow mixture.  You may want to spray your spoon and/or hands with cooking spray also. 

Stir until well combined.

Press into a 9 x 18 pan.

Let set for 30-1 hour.  Cut into pieces and store in an air tight container.

As you can see, I added some Halloween colored sprinkles!!

I actually melted the marshmallows in the microwave this time but I prefer melting them on the stove.

You can sub red food coloring and strawberry extract to make Strawberries and Cream Rice Krispie Treats!


  1. The Rice Krispie (will go by how you've spelt) surely looks like a treat...Congrats for the new oven! Its quite a co-incidence that I am also waiting for my new oven to arrive...perhaps once I am back from my vacation, that begins tomorrow. Hoping to see more of your lovely treats coming out of the new oven :) Happy cooking and baking!

  2. These look great! Creamsicle?! Yes please....

  3. lol I would totally grab my purse and kids and hit the door we have fire insurance. :) The Rice Krispie treats sound fantastic. Happy cooking on your new stove/oven. :)

  4. Congrats on the new oven. You are like me-I would not be playing around with electrical fires.
    I like the flavor twist you did on this old classic-creamsicle does sound yummy. I would like to have some of these gems right now!

  5. First of all.. you didn't overreact... I would have done the same thing if my oven caught on fire! But it all has a happy ending with your new oven!! Lucky girl! Love the creamsicle rice crispy treats. Great twist on the original. Enjoy your new oven! :)

  6. As a Navy wife and mother of three, I've been there and done that! We gave up on base housing years ago! Enjoy your new oven...

  7. Whoa, what a creative take on Rice Krispie Treats! I love the creamsicle flavor combo. SO yummy!

  8. Yay for your new oven!! If you want to come break mine, you are welcome anytime! :P These rice krispie treats are fabulous!

  9. I would have gotten my kitchen fire extinguisher out. Glad it's all good. Another great recipe.

  10. Exciting news about the new oven. I think I would have been hauling right behind you out the door! I had a grease fire in my kitchen once and just froze! The rice krispie treats look yummy.